Choosing Record Players as a Profession in Classical Music

What could be better than a sunny Sunday morning with some relaxing classical music pieces and a cup of hot coffee? Listening to music, especially classical music is an effective way to enjoy your weekend at home doing nothing and let your body and mind relax. However, not many people know how to choose the best record player as they don’t actually know the real value of listening to music through a vinyl record instead of digital tracks. The feeling would be such a huge difference that you can’t find in any other devices.

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As a music fan, you must have listened to some vinyl records and realize how good and valuable that experience bring to your mood. People say that now is the time of Pop music and EDM tracks, but I really believe that old music has its own life and can never die. You should own an outstanding record player with a large collection of the vinyl record to know what I am talking about. Well, if you are interested in classical music, why don’t you buy one and make your home a real theater at weekend? If you really want to, this is definitely the article for you.

In this post, the term and basic knowledge about record players will be introduced to you as well as some tips and tricks so as to choose one as professional.

What Is The Record Player?

Basically, we can know it as a music playing device that is not commonly used today. However, it is still produced to satisfy the requirement of music lovers all over the world in a limited quantity. That’s the reason why finding a good place to buy a record player is actually a task of a challenge, especially for beginners who don’t know much about this device.

Briefcase style record player

There is a vital difference between a record player and a turntable in their designs is the amplification and the speakers – which will be explained later. A record player consists of components such as the turntable, arm, and cartridge as well as amplification. Some models can have speakers.

In early models, people call this invention the “gramophone” which was the cabinet that can stand alone. The sizes of the cabinet were various and can be adjusted. Some of them can be similar to a small sideboard with a pair of stereo speaker in order to make the sounds lively. There were so many styles at that time with the developments of horn gramophones.

With the combination between record players and modern techniques, people know use mostly portable and semi – portable record players because of their convenience and less space requirement. Today’s record players make use of batteries and their main source of energy with the smaller format for household usage. Semi – portable designs are developed into suitcase – style which can be brought easily as suitcases. Some house owners consider record player as furniture with vintage style as well. That means choosing a good record player for multiple purposes is getting more and more difficult. So if you really need to pick a product, here’re some questions for you to put it into consideration.

How To Choose A Good Record Player?

Before deciding spending money on any product, you should know what you are going to buy and whether it can meet your requirements or not.

  • What type of record player do you want?

This is the first and fundamental question since it decides the model you could take a look at. You can answer it by listing the purposes of buying a record player. If you want to use it as furniture and listen to music, the design and functions would be quite different from those who want to make use of record player as DJ equipment. In addition, don’t be too lazy looking for information on the Internet as well as ask for recommendations from experts.

  • Have you known your budget really well?

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Some people don’t have any ideas about how much they are going to spend when buying a device like a record player. They just know some basic price ranges and think those products are the same. The truth is if you know this factor well, you can actually buy the best one with an amazing price. Basically, if you are not a really rich one who just needs a record player to satisfy the love of classical music, there are so many options for you with record players under $100. Think of anything else with higher price – about $500 if you really need it as a luxury spotlight for your living room or music room.

  • Stackable or manual player?

To answer this question, you should have a good look at your music listening habit. If you want to listen to music continuously without having to change the vinyl records, the stackable player would fit you well. However, manual record enables you to pick some certain songs from a whole album. Choose it wisely since it affects your listening habit quite much.

  • What speed of player do you need?

Nowadays, most of the vinyl records are played on 33 to 45 RPM which is the revolution per minute. The ability to play several types of speed is quite essential to consider when choosing a record player. Some older vinyl records might be played on 78 or 16 RPM which is quite difficult to produce proper sounds. Another thing to consider is the vinyl record and how to preserve their quality through a large amount of time.

  • Style consideration?

You might not want to ruin your whole vintage living room with a modern – style record player. That’s why I’m talking about the décor of your products. It should fit the whole decoration and design of your house. Some might find a product very attractive and good, but if it’s too high – tech or low – tech and doesn’t look well when placed in your rooms, other options might be better. However, it’s your choice so please think carefully before picking one.


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