Classical Music: Opening the Way to the Heavenly Shrine of Music

30 – 40 years ago, performances in huge theaters of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra with the appearance of Herbert von Karajan – a well – known conductor was always crowded of audience. Lines of people queueing to buy a ticket to the concert of the best tenor voices Pavarotti, Domingo and Caracas were countless. The way classical music attract its fans were undeniable and it’s not less than popular kinds of music these days such as pop, rock… at all. So what is the reason why people are turning their back against this genre nowadays?

  1. Reasons About the Failure of Classical Music in Getting Contact with People These Days

The information about classical music such as high esteem artists, concerts, songs are less and less popular on almost any kinds of media. Performances around the world is very rare and orchestras can’t make any profits from their concerts and are forced to reduce the human resources of their own to survive. Most of people under 40 years old respect this type of music just because they can’t understand it. In the last 3 decades, there has been no real masterpiece that can compare to famous ones in the past. Therefore, there is a majority of people believe that in the next few years, the end of classical music would finally come…

Green Bay Symphony

There are too many reasons for people to refuse to listen to classical music. They often talk about this type of music as the one for “professionals” – it means that one must be a person who is specialized in researching and knowing lots about music and the instruments. Another reason behind this is about the pieces. The songs are quite long and complicated. Sometimes people can’t go to a concert because they don’t have enough time to enjoy a complete art which is performed for too long. In addition, classical music is the combination of instruments and often has no lyric, but if it has, it is still very complicated and hard to listen and understand. To feel it, people have to be completely quiet and concentrate on the stage instead of dancing and singing to it. It is the absolute attraction of sound not the appearance. To enjoy your own music, it is necessary to visit, there are latest reviews what you need to have the best sound quality. Another thing that prevents classical music to develop in these decades is that people are tending to listen to the favor of others and the guidance of the media industry. That’s why we can’t have a close look at classical music and don’t even know whether we can fall in love it like before or not.

  1. The Real Problems and How to Solve Them

All those reasons are just the reasons we made up to cover for the real problem. The problem here is our patience and then seek for beauty of our own. Not all people who are in love with classical music can have the chance to have some real contacts with this type of music since they were children, and not all of them are working in the music industry or have enough knowledge about music to understand about the rules and how to attend a concert. In each individual, there is a small universe. In that universe, they are limitless things that we haven’t found out yet. Our abilities are still undiscovered. Just a little guidance, maybe we can find a path that we haven’t thought about before.

Classical music

In melodies we listen to on a daily basis, there are many of them are shorts from well – known classical music masterpieces, but we don’t really know or even care about them. They don’t even wonder and ask for the source of them to listen to them again. A giant treasure of classical music is passed away every day. This is a big loss to us because we can (and have rights and also full ability) to absorb high quality spiritual values and the base to get to the whole new level of music.

The way to classical music is not easy at all, however, it is not impossible. Don’t be too fast, just wander and enjoy every little step on the stairway to the heavenly shrine of music. Some artists, composers and professionals suggest people who don’t know about classical music to listen to some short pieces first, such as Etude, Prelude or Nocturne… The tune is easy to hear and is not too complicated for beginners. Sometimes, people can’t understand fully what the composer wants to say through his composes but at least the emotions are still the same even though it was composed many years ago.

  1. Beginners’ Guide to Classical Music

To move on, people should have a look at the Sonatas – music pieces for 1 or sometimes 2 musical instruments: piano, flute, violin… Then more than that – Concerto – which has more than 2 chapters. After that, we can listen to Symphony and the last one – Opera – the best combination between music, ballet and vocals. They are gorgeous and magnificent shows that anyone needs to enjoy at least once in a lifetime.

Many people said listening to classical music is just like peeling the onions – one layer to another. Classical music, especially masterpieces should be heard over and over so that we can absorb the best of them completely. For example, the New Year Concert from Vienna Symphony Orchestra always plays some certain classical masterpieces, but change the conductor every year (they are all famous worldwide). Each of them has their own style and characteristics. That’s why people listen to the same songs every year, but never feel boring or being tired of listening to them. Some of the composers are long stories with firm structures, but a large number of them have no specific content and the whole piece is the pure beauty of music and the sounds of instruments.

You just need to focus and be patient, the gate to the music shrine will be opened before you. There is no need to be hurry, just take your time and you will broaden your horizon in classical music step by step.

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